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Sterling Silver Plumeria Two-tone Rose Gold Ring

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  • Top of ring height: 12mm
  • Top of ring width: 9mm
  • Band width: 2mm
  • Shank width: 2mm
  • Metal: 925 sterling silver
  • Plating: 14k rose gold & rhodium plated
  • Finish: high polish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
G (Marysville, US)
Excellent ring

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Michelle Knight (Grapevine, US)
Care instructions

I need to update information about the two toned rose gold heart mom ring.
It’s the Heart that was rose gold plated, I also said, it was their 14k gold plating that was completely wore off. I actually said it backwards, it’s the heart and it was rose gold plating that wore off but the wording “mom” was very easy to bend...
I still suggest giving care instructions especially now that we are dealing with COVID-19 the hand sanitizers will cause the platings to fade off... But the ring is still very pretty when you first order, another suggestion before you sell this ring You should mention that the word Mom is very delicate and it can catch in clothing and bend easily. Order then these two types of rings I have had no complaints about my orders.
But I do not buy anything that is gold plated from this company anymore, I’m a small business owner and during these rough times, I just cannot afford to lose customers because these 3 customers have not bought from me again...

Michelle Knight (Grapevine, US)
Give care Instructions

This ring is beautiful but I had a 2 customers returned their rings. One complained about the wrapped pointed end would catch their nose when bring their hand to nose to relieve an itch on top of their nose. And her nose began to bleed and was extremely painful. Also, The rose gold plating wore off with in two months of owning this ring. I’m not sure if this coming used a low amount of micron coating but there is a standard amount that is supposed to be used on jewelry that worn close to the skin... I suggest you give care instructions on their plated jewelry because this is not the only ring were the plating wore off. On another ring that was a heart with “mom” beautifully hand written in the middle in their 14k gold plating. When I received this ring back it looked horrible. And the Mom part of the ring bends way to easy.
Seriously if you want to sell this ring Give care instructions; some suggestions do not wear ring while using chemicals cleaning the kitchen or bathrooms, etc... Also washing hands make sure they are using a very mild hand soap and definitely do not get hand sanitizer in their plated rings... All their other jewelry I have bought has been wonderful.

DDPGS (Irving, US)

Beautiful exactly what i needed

Lynne Brown (Calgary, CA)
Love this ring

Very happy and I wear the all silver version with it on the same finger and it looks like 1 ring... love it

Brian Harvey (Cuyahoga Falls, US)

This ring is so beautifully detailed and delicate!

Maria Rubio (Denver, US)

Just as expected. Beautiful rose golden plating, looks and feels durable.

Bonnie Taylor (Converse, US)
High Quality

Brilliant finish.

Sterling Silver Rings

Like both the quality and the design of this and the other designs purchased.